Prof. Dr. Peter Marcuse

Peter Marcuse is a lawyer and planner who teaches urban planning at Columbia University in New York City. He has been President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission and chaired the Housing Committee of a Community Board in New York City. He has also taught in both West and East Germany, Australia, the Union of South Africa, Canada, Austria, and Brazil.

He has written extensively on housing, urban development, the history of planning, the ethics of planning, and globalization.
His most recent books, with Ronald van Kempen, Globalizing Cities: A New Spatial Order?, Blackwell, 1999, and Of States and Cities: The Partitioning of Urban Space, 2002, Oxford University Press.

He is currently much involved in the debates about the redevelopment of lower Manhattan after the September 11 attacks and the implications of the so-called “war on terrorism” on urban development globally.

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