Quality and Innovation in Study Programmes
Vol. 16, No. 1, July 2011


___Eduard Heinrich Führ
& Heinz Nagler

Bielefeld / Cottbus

‚architectura‘. Quality and Innovation in Study Programmes







For Vitruvius, the term ‚architectura’ includes all the fields differentiated in today. This begins with Landscape Planning and spans across Urban Planning, Urban Design, Building Construction (Architecture in today's more limited sense), Technical Infrastructure up to Civil Engineering, Design, Art, History and a comprehensive theoretical understanding of the “state of absolute being” as well as the competence to implement this.

In the last two hundred years these areas have emerged as separate disciplines and thereby made tremendous progress in their own structuring, in the development of planning and design expertise, in the methodological generation of knowledge and in educational transmittance.

Today there are new tasks: new materials, developments in society. New methodological approaches to ‚architectura’ are to be explored, and there is especially cause to wonder how these disciplines can be united again, how this can occur in research and teaching and how new projects, new areas of work and new educational opportunities can be developed.

On occasion of the 20-year anniversary of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, “Wolkenkuckucksheim – Cloud-Cuckoo-Land – Воздушный замок” together with the Architecture Department of the BTU conducted a panel discussion on these issues. In addition, we asked innovative German-language study programmes to present themselves.

This issue is still open until the end of October 2011, in order to include further concepts and proposals for areas of work and study programmes (wolke1[at]cloud-cuckoo.net).