Quality and Innovation in Study Programmes
Vol. 16, No. 1, July 2011


__The Project

  Notes regarding the documentation of the courses







On the selection and presentation of study programmes and initiatives that present themselves on the platform of “Wolkenkuckucksheim – Cloud-Cuckoo-Land – Воздушный замок”:

Based on a preliminary research, Bachelor and Master degree programmes in the German speaking countries (D, A, CH) surrounding the core subject of Architecture were approached in Spring of 2011 with a request for information and materials that describe the respective courses.

The selection criteria during the research were firstly the “excellent” rating of the study courses in the CHE University Ranking (Centre for Higher Education), which has evaluated the Bachelor degree programmes for Architecture at universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in 2010.

In addition, the editors have selected other study programmes that have implemented new study content and structures in “innovative” and especially “enterprising” ways within the rebuilding and restructuring of the curricula during the Bologna Process. Thus the project ‚architectura‘ in the current issue of “Wolkenkuckucksheim – Cloud-Cuckoo-Land – Воздушный замок” portrays this compilation of study opportunities by means of the programmes rated for “excellence” and “innovation”.

The selection does not claim to be exhaustive, it reflects the first response to our appeal for information, and it should be understood as an offer that can be enriched by the addition of further study programmes. In this respect, we hope that study programme directors make use of this opportunity of presentation. If you are interested, please send us a brief letter to: wolke1[at]cloud-cuckoo.net