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Ryszard Sliwka is a Canadian citizen and studied art and architecture in Britain, the United States and Canada.
He has worked extensively in practices in North America and the UK.
Since 1988 he has taught design at the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture. He has a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from Washington University, St. Louis and studied Fine Art at OCAD in Toronto.
He regularly writes for journals and magazines and conference presentations.
Until 1996, he was a contributing editor to Insite magazine and Architecture and Ideas (Vol. V, no. 2, 2006) and has contributed articles to Azure Magazine.

Notable essays include:

and most recently an introductory Essay (Geometries of Creation: Architecture and the Revision of Nature), for the publication ‘On Growth and Form’. Riverside Publications 2008.

A diverse output of paintings, drawings and architectural designs have been exhibited in England, the United States, Italy, and Canada. In the last 12 years work has moved towards painting and installation work, both figurative and abstract, relating to issues of embodiment.

Exhibitions include installation work ('Forbidden City; the incarceration of desire', in 'Profusion', a cross-disciplinary show held at the Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery, Toronto Feb-Mar 2001) and a series of paintings shown at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery ('Geometries of Creation/Conversations of the Heart', Oct - Dec 2001). A second series on this theme was shown in a one-person show at Tyndale College, Toronto, March 3 - May 29 2003. Antique Votive and Vesica themes were reinterpreted for a two person show; ‘Symbols of Life’, held at the City of Brant, Glenhyrst Gallery, June-July, 2005. International exhibitions include group shows in Rome (AAM Gallery 'The lesson of Rome', Oct. 1999, "Nell’ambito di Itinerario", Piazza S. Apollonia, May 2007 and Turin; "Decifrando le emozioni" Palazzo Birago Di Vische, Collettiva con opere di Ryszard Sliwka, September-October 2007.

Current work is developed on a theme ‘Portraits form the Orphange’ will be shown in a one person show in 2009.



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