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  Already in the ancient world birds found a new world in the clouds, between sky and earth; the one completely clean and only filled with a sublime sphere of ideas from the floating gods, and the other filled with the people lost in their concentrated competition, who enter about their daily business without meaning and understanding.

Also today we should strive to create a 'cloud-cuckoo-land,' a space between the two spheres, in the field of meditative architectural theory, with practice, a flat reality can also come to converge with creative ideas. A space where thinking applies to action, construction applies to living, work applies to process and art applies to everyday life..

'Wolkenkuckucksheim - Cloud-Cuckoo-Land - Vozdushnyi zamok' has been edited by Eduard Fuehr at the chair 'Theory of Architecture' of the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus and alternate curators for the individual issues since October 1996. It is usually published biannually; the abstracts of the articles are translated into German, English and Russian.

The discourse, initiated by the journal, is not only virtual. Public conferences with the authors offer the opportunity for them to present their contributions personally and to discuss on them. Depending on the available resources the conferences usually take place in Cottbus before the publication of a new issue.

All possibilities offered by the Internet publication have been taken advantage: The service sites, being permanently updated, facilitate scientific research and communication among experts, and include online links to university libraries all over the world and the latest catalogues of books; in print. There is also a site with links to over 300 Architecture Journals that are completely or partially available on the Internet.
The Archive on the Theory of Architecture is a service for school lessons and for research and teaching at colleges and universities.
Furthermore there are numerous links to museums, galleries, expositions; archives, databases, virtual catalogues, search tools with architectural specification; Institutes of History and Theory of Architecture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; networks, platforms, portals, forums; projects; Institutes of Architects; to the Association of German Architects and its Federal associations. Another site provides a wide collection of links to image archives all over the world.

The cost-free newsletter of the journal offers information on the current 'Call for Papers', on the dates of the conferences with the authors, on the publication of the latest issue with the abstracts, etc.

The journal can be considered a Cloud-Cuckoo-Land in the sense of Aristophanes. It is trying to cross traditional 'borders' (e. g. language, culture and discipline) and thus wants to attract an active circle of critics and theorists as its inhabitants.

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