Vol. 8, No. 2 (March 2004)    


___Stephan Willinger
  The Building Cultures of the Society –
Prerequisites for an Effective Architectural Policy

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In the present debate, the concept „building culture“ is often used in a natural way, a use which both ignores real life as well as theoretical findings. To come to a more reasonable use producing resonances in the social systems involved, one should regard it in an unusual way.

In contrast to a traditional monocentric view, the text proposes a pluralistic concept of building culture accepting the different viewpoints of all social actors. A debate on building culture would then deal with processes of decision-making, with democratic strategies more than with degrees of cultivation. And building culture would then be part of an urban culture because only in this way it would be able to reflect the variety of argumenting, deciding, building and using in our cities as the central aspects of daily life.

The Federal Building Culture Initiative serves as a point of reference. It is described as a system of negotiation oriented towards consensus and being a good starting point for an effective policy on building culture.


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Vol. 8, No. 2 (March 2004)